10 inspirational edith hamilton quotes on success

  • To rejoice in life, to find the world beautiful and delightful to live in, was a mark of the Greek spirit, which distinguished it from all that had gone before. It is a vital distinction.
  • The Old Testament is the record of men’s conviction that God speaks directly to men.
  • There is no dignity like the dignity of a soul in agony.
  • When faith is supported by facts or by logic it ceases to be faith.
  • Convention, so often a mask for injustice.
  • The easy way has never in the long run commanded the allegiance of mankind.
  • None so good that he has no faults, None so wicked that he is worth naught.
  • When we speak of beauty, we’re speaking of something we’re more or less indifferent to.
  • Myths are early science, the result of men’s first trying to explain what they saw around them.
  • Tragedy cannot take place around a type. Suffering is the most individualizing thing on earth.
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