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Breeze FM is located at Chipata, one of the greatest rising towns in Zambia. This station encompasses three kinds of radio: it is a community-based, commercial station, with public interest programming. The station commenced test transmissions on 5th October 2002 and was decided a full broadcasting license on 31st January 2003. The station was publicly commissioned on 31st January 2004 on the day of its first anniversary. Breeze FM is a partner station of the BBC.

Its target audience includes peasant farmers and villagers, small-scale traders, workers and businesspeople. The station’s focus is on the interplay of issues concerning the community; its history and the social, cultural and economic activities and endeavours of the people.

General information:

  • Location: Zambia
  • Genres: Top 40 & Pop Music, Community, News
  • Coverage area: Eastern Province, parts of Central and Northern Provinces.
  • Description: It aims to provide business friendly community oriented, vibrant and informative programming.
  • Language: Chinyanja and English

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This radio is very popular in the Eastern regions of Zambia and has a lot of experience in developing radio programs on issues such as HIV and AIDS with support from development agencies. The vision of the station is to become a profitable people-centered and development-focused local/sub-regional radio station.

Breeze FM Founder and Director, Mike Daka, has retired from the radio station and active media involvement after working in the media industry for 45 years.

He moved to Chipata with his family and started to realise his dream of a financially sustainable rural radio station with a mission. His personal knowledge, skills, contacts and practical experience built over many years of working as a journalist and media trainer stood him in good stead and he managed to translate what he had been teaching into a model.


The station operates for 24 hours each day. For 18 hours from 06.00 hours to midnight, Breeze FM broadcasts local programmes. The night shift, from 24.00 to 06.00 hours, is dedicated to BBC live programmes. Breeze FM is a partner station of the BBC.

Coverage Area

Breeze FM over the first nine (9) years of operation had an average radius of 120 kilometers. In February 2012 Breeze FM completed a geographical expansion programme which extended its signal to the entire Eastern Province, parts of Central and Northern Provinces as well as significant areas in Malawi and Mozambique. Today Breeze FM has a radius of up to 300 kilometers and a listenership of well over 1 million people.


Breeze FM broadcasts in Chinyanja (or Chewa) and English languages. Two thirds of programming is in the Chinyanja language and one third in English. The Chewa language is also widely spoken in Malawi and the Tete Province of Mozambique.

Target Audience

The target audience is multi-generational, from the age of 10 to 70, and includes peasant farmers and villagers, small-scale traders, workers, businessmen and members of the general public.

Audience surveys carried out by various organizations in the province show that Breeze FM is the most listened to station in Eastern Province. More than 75 per cent of respondents give Breeze FM as their favorite station.

Community roles

Breeze has four major goals/roles in the community it serves. These are:

  • providing a voice to community to correspond their perspectives in the public sphere;
  • providing a liberty for the community to connect in public conversation and argue on the issues that influence them;
  • providing a channel to correspond information on expansion issues to our community, and to communicate perspectives from the community to those in authority.

Contact Info –

Social Contact: Facebook, Twitter, Website.

Address: Chipata, Zambia.

P.O. Box 511178; Plot 866 Parirenyatwa Road Chipata Zambia.

Phone: +260 97 6360257; +260 216 221893 has  Breeze FM Radio in its listings. Just click and enjoy.

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