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Top 10 most inspiring quotes by J. M. Coetzee

  • Become major, Paul. Live like a hero. That’s what the classics teach us. Be a main character. Otherwise what is life for?
  • The secret of happiness is not doing what we like but in liking what we do.
  • His own opinion, which he does not air, is that the origin of speech lie in song, and the origins of song in the need to fill out with sound the overlarge and rather empty human soul.
  • We must cultivate, all of us, a certain ignorance, a certain blindness, or society will not be tolerable.
  • Perhaps; but I am a difficult person to live with. My difficulty consists in not wanting to live with other people.
  • Because a woman’s beauty does not belong to her alone. It is a part of the bounty she brings into the world. She has a duty to share it.
  • You are going to end up as one of those sad old men who poke around in rubbish bins.” “I’m going to end up in a hole in the ground… And so are you. So are we all.
  • Sleep is no longer a healing bath, a recuperation of vital forces, but an oblivion, a nightly brush with annihilation.
  • It gets harder all the time, Bev Shaw once said. Harder, yet easier. One gets used to things getting harder; one ceases to be surprised that what used to be hard as hard can be grows harder yet.
  • Where civilization entailed the corruption of barbarian virtues and the creation of dependent people, I decided, I was opposed to civilization.
J. M. Coetzee

John Maxwell Coetzee, commonly known as J. M. Coetzee, is a prominent South African writer and literary figure. He was born on February 9, 1940, in Cape Town, South Africa. Coetzee is known for his compelling and thought-provoking novels, essays, and literary criticism, which often explore themes of power, politics, identity, and morality.

Coetzee grew up in a bilingual English and Afrikaans-speaking family and completed his early education at Cape Town’s prestigious King’s College. He later attended the University of Cape Town, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Mathematics. Coetzee pursued postgraduate studies in English Literature at the University of Texas at Austin, where he obtained his MA and PhD degrees.

After completing his studies, Coetzee returned to South Africa and began his academic career as a lecturer in English at the University of Cape Town. He later held teaching positions at various universities, including the University of Chicago and the University of New York.

Coetzee’s literary career took off with the publication of his first novel, “Dusklands,” in 1974. However, it was his novel “Waiting for the Barbarians” (1980) that brought him international recognition. Coetzee’s subsequent works, including “Life & Times of Michael K” (1983), “Disgrace” (1999), and “Elizabeth Costello” (2003), cemented his reputation as one of the most important and influential writers of his generation.

Coetzee has received numerous literary accolades and awards throughout his career. He became the first writer to be awarded the Booker Prize twice—first in 1983 for “Life & Times of Michael K” and again in 1999 for “Disgrace.” In 2003, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature for his “well-crafted compositions that give life to an essential aspect of contemporary reality.”

In addition to his novels, Coetzee has also published several collections of essays and memoirs, delving into topics such as censorship, literature, and the role of the writer in society.

J. M. Coetzee is widely regarded as a masterful writer known for his sparse yet powerful prose and his ability to tackle complex moral and social issues. He continues to be an influential figure in the literary world.

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