Melody FM-Acoustic Pleasure To Your Ear!

Melody or formerly known as Melody FM manily focusing on Chinese music, is a radio station to shooth you with its pleasant tunes, remove boredome and to please you with its surprisingly uplifting choice of music.


Managed by the biggest radio network in Malaysia,  Astro Radio, Melody FM is the Chinese language-based online radio station that has successfully become one of the most popular names in Malaysian radio landscape.

To the Chinese people living in the country, it’s like a treat to their ears with exquisite selection of musical tracks.

The illustration of day-long programs is the testament to the care the broadcasting team of the radio puts for each of their programs. It has successfully reached to more than 398k listeners.

The radio is broadcasting on more than 16 frequencies each dedicated to a specific region of the country.

Style of  Programs:

The variation of their programs easily attracts listeners from the moment they tune into the radio. Melody like its name choses the kind of songs that goes well with its name.

Mainly the radio plays nostalgic Chinese hits from the 1970s to 2000. Their presentation of easy listening songs is very liked by their listeners.

Podcasts are also an integral part of their programs and the podcast are what makes them engaged with their listeners deeply. Having a good relation and understanding of their listeners choice they are set to further reach a wider range of listeners.

Programs Format of the radio includes Talk, Contemporary hits, Easy Listening, Podcasts, Health and Well-Being.

  • City: Kuala Lumpur
  • Broadcast area: Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei
  • First air date: 15 August 2012; 5 years ago
  • Call: 03-95433388
  • Language: Mandarin
  • Owner: Astro Holdings Sdn Bhd, under Astro Radio
Social Presence:
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To tune into this popular radio and enjoy their thoughtful presentation of programs click or tap on this link-> Melody FM