10 inspirational romain rolland quotes on success

  • There is only one heroism in the world: to see the world as it is, and to love it.
  • There is no joy other than the joy of creating. There is no man who is truly alive other than one who is creating. All others are just shadows on the earth with nothing to do with being alive. The joy of living, whether it is love or action, is the joy of creating.
  • No one ever reads a book. He reads himself through books.
  • To understand everything is to hate nothing.
  • It is the artist’s business to create sunshine when the sun fails.
  • One makes mistakes; that is life. But it is never a mistake to have loved.
  • The friend who understands you, creates you.
  • Discussion is impossible with someone who claims not to seek the truth, but already to possess it.
  • Everyone, deep down within, carries a small cemetery of those he has loved.
  • Any man who is really a man must learn to be alone in the midst of others, to think alone for others, and, if necessary, against others.
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