Ally Sheedy: Birthday

American actress
Born: June 13, 1962

Ally Sheedy, born Alexandra Elizabeth Sheedy on June 13, 1962, in New York City, is an American actress and author best known for her roles in 1980s films. Sheedy began her career in the entertainment industry as a teenager, performing in television commercials and series. Her breakthrough came with her role as a member of the “Brat Pack,” a group of young actors who frequently appeared together in popular films of the 1980s.

Sheedy gained widespread recognition for her performances in iconic films such as “The Breakfast Club” (1985), where she played the quirky Allison Reynolds, and “St. Elmo’s Fire” (1985), solidifying her place in Hollywood. In 1983, she also starred in the science fiction film “WarGames,” which became a commercial success.

Beyond her acting career, Sheedy has authored two books: “She Was Nice to Mice,” written when she was just 12, and the novel “Yesterday I Saw the Sun.” Despite struggling with personal issues, including substance abuse, Sheedy made a successful comeback, earning critical acclaim for her role in the independent film “High Art” (1998), for which she received several awards.

Sheedy’s contributions to film and literature have left a lasting impact, and she continues to be a respected figure in the entertainment industry. She has also been an advocate for mental health awareness and LGBTQ+ rights, reflecting her commitment to using her platform for positive change.

Ally Sheedy’s 5 most popular quotes

  • My experiences have taught me a lot and I’m happy with my learnings, if not with what I went through to learn.
  • But the fact is, nobody gets off drugs unless they really want to, and I really wanted to.
  • The fact is, I can have any experience of life I want. I don’t have to choose any one thing or act in any one way to define myself as a woman now. I am one.
  • It is worth it to me to know I have succeeded based on my abilities and not on my looks or any ‘connections.’ I’ve tried not to embody destructive female images in my work.
  • I think everybody has the ability to fall in love with a man or with a woman or a white person or a black person or a Jewish person or a Protestant person or whatever.
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