Bryan Brown: Birthday

Australian actor and author
Born: June 23, 1947

Bryan Brown, born on June 23, 1947, in Sydney, Australia, is a renowned actor and producer known for his prolific career in film and television. He grew up in the Sydney suburb of Panania and initially worked as an insurance salesman before pursuing acting. Brown’s breakthrough came with the 1980 film “Breaker Morant,” where his performance garnered critical acclaim. He gained international recognition with roles in films like “The Thorn Birds” (1983), “Gorillas in the Mist” (1988), and “Cocktail” (1988), where he starred alongside Tom Cruise.

In addition to his acting career, Brown has worked as a producer, contributing to various Australian film and television projects. He married actress Rachel Ward in 1983, and they have three children. Brown’s distinctive Australian accent and rugged charm have made him a beloved figure in both Australian and international cinema.

Throughout his career, Bryan Brown has received numerous awards and honors, including an Order of Australia for his contributions to the performing arts. His work spans a diverse range of genres, showcasing his versatility and enduring appeal. Today, Bryan Brown remains a respected and influential figure in the entertainment industry, known for his dedication to his craft and his significant impact on Australian cinema.

Bryan Brown’s 5 most popular quotes

  • Never tell tales about a woman. No matter how far away she is, shell always hear you.
  • Look, I’ve always been a confident bloke. I’m grateful to my mother for that.
  • I simply went down there to catch up with an old mate of mine, who owns the place. He’s the one who wrote the book on the place, but no, no movie, just a beer.
  • You know, I stumble about what I’m going to do. I don’t plan. I’ve never had ambitions.
  • They also work as half-hours. The stories are all different but include elements of revenge, or the supernatural, or some sort of surprise.
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