Daniel Cormier: Birthday

American former mixed martial artist and amateur wrestler
Born: March 20, 1979

Daniel Cormier, born on March 20, 1979, in Lafayette, Louisiana, is a retired mixed martial artist and former Olympic wrestler. Known for his exceptional wrestling skills, Cormier competed in the heavyweight and light heavyweight divisions of MMA.

Before his MMA career, Cormier achieved significant success in amateur wrestling, earning a spot on the U.S. Olympic wrestling team in 2004. He later transitioned to MMA, where he became a standout fighter in promotions such as Strikeforce and eventually the UFC.

In the UFC, Cormier enjoyed a remarkable career, capturing both the UFC Heavyweight Championship and the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship, making him one of only two fighters in UFC history to hold titles in two weight classes simultaneously.

Outside the octagon, Cormier is also recognized for his charisma and insightful commentary, serving as a UFC commentator and analyst. His contributions to the sport extend beyond his accomplishments as a fighter.

Retiring from MMA in 2020, Cormier left a lasting legacy as one of the most accomplished and respected fighters in the history of the sport, admired for his technical prowess, sportsmanship, and leadership both inside and outside the cage.

Daniel Cormier’s 5 most popular quotes

  • Work ethic, confidence, laser focus, and commitment to accomplish a goal that most people can never imagine.
  • Everyone deals with adversity. It’s how you bounce back from it.
  • No matter how bad things get, eventually the sun is going to shine.
  • If you truly believe in yourself and your skills, most times, that’s enough.
  • One of my biggest assets is my ability to focus on something and go out and get it, but it’s one of my biggest weaknesses too.
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