Elizabeth Perkins: Birthday

American actress
Born: November 18, 1960

Elizabeth Perkins is an American actress born on November 18, 1960, in Queens, New York. With a career spanning over four decades, Perkins has established herself as a versatile and talented performer in film, television, and theater. She studied acting at the Goodman School of Drama in Chicago before making her Broadway debut in Neil Simon’s “Brighton Beach Memoirs.”

Perkins gained widespread recognition for her role as Mary Wilke in the critically acclaimed film “Big” (1988), starring alongside Tom Hanks. Her captivating performances in movies like “The Flintstones” (1994) and “The Truth About Cats & Dogs” (1996) further solidified her status as a prominent actress in the entertainment industry.

On the small screen, Perkins has made notable appearances in popular TV shows such as “Weeds,” for which she received three Primetime Emmy Award nominations. Her portrayal of Celia Hodes in the series showcased her ability to seamlessly transition between comedic and dramatic roles.

Throughout her career, Elizabeth Perkins has been celebrated for her charisma, wit, and undeniable on-screen presence, making her a respected figure in Hollywood.

Elizabeth Perkins’s 5 most popular quotes

  • My kids are old enough now that they can watch that, but I like to do the family movies.
  • It seems like all the good looking people have smaller dogs these days. Especially for the women, because they always come in with their little Chihuahuas and the guys come in with their Golden Retrievers.
  • If you’re middle aged… where’re you going to go to meet someone? You’re not going to go to a bar, you’re not going to go to a night club; and there are the museums.
  • Right now, my daughter’s just rolling her eyes at everything I do; I’m just an embarrassment.
  • My sisters are very academically inclined so whenever they would fix me up, it would always be from someone in their world, people they would find attractive. When they came to the door in suits, it was over.
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