Emily Browning: Birthday

Australian actress
Born: December 7, 1988

Emily Jane Browning is an Australian actress. She made her film debut in the television film The Echo of Thunder, and subsequently appeared in television shows such as High Flyers, Something in the Air, and Blue Heelers.

Emily Browning

Emily browning’s 5 most popular quotes

  • I’m into video games, but only real specific lame video games.
  • I have to just worry about my own opinion and the opinions of the people I’m working with and people who are close to me.
  • I’m a very private person. I find it very daunting to have to give private parts of myself away to people, you know?
  • It doesn’t really matter what people think of me, I should just be connecting with people I really like instead of pretending to be the perfect version of myself.
  • A strange thing happens to me that I’m sure happens to a lot of actors when the camera starts rolling. I’m not ‘me’ any more.
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