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The top 10 most inspiring quotes by Adam Pally

  • I love Billy Joel. I cry sometimes when I hear ‘The Stranger.’ ‘You May Be Right’ may be one of the greatest songs ever written.
  • I am open to doing anything. I don’t think in this day and age that, aside from two or three people, there isn’t an actor who can just do one thing. I also think you can go back and forth between film and television pretty seamlessly.
  • At around 19, I realized that I really didn’t have any skills other than making people laugh, so I should probably pursue it full-time.
  • You ever spent eight hours acting in water? It’s a lot easier to get in and out of a bath. Hot tubs are bad news for actors, man.
  • I moved around a lot as a kid, and when you’re always entering new places at that age, you kind of have to learn how to adapt yourself, and I felt a really powerful way to do that was to make people laugh.
  • There’s a common misconception with sketch comedy that you just go up there and wing it, but it’s written, and there really is order.
  • Anytime I audition for something, it’s always a question of whether or not the people I’m auditioning for understand I’m an improviser and I like to do that, and if they like that or if they just want someone who’s going to do what’s written.
  • My parents’ convictions, when it came to discipline, were not very strong. For my bar mitzvah, I gave out a mix tape of ’90s grunge; if you got it now, you would think it was the ‘Singles’ soundtrack.
  • I am what they call a chubby-skinny guy. I appear to be normal and have the look of an in-shape man, but if we were to go to a pool party, I would go with my shirt on.
  • I think journalism can come from anywhere, and comedy can certainly come from anywhere.

Adam Pally is an American actor, comedian, and writer, best known for his roles in television comedies. Born on March 18, 1982, in Livingston, New Jersey, Pally attended The New School in New York City, where he studied acting.

Pally gained widespread recognition for his role as Max Blum in the ABC sitcom “Happy Endings,” which aired from 2011 to 2013. His portrayal of the sarcastic and lovable character earned him critical acclaim and a dedicated fanbase.

Following the success of “Happy Endings,” Pally joined the cast of the popular comedy series “The Mindy Project” in 2013, playing the role of Peter Prentice, a charming and witty OB/GYN. His performance added depth to the ensemble cast and further showcased his comedic talents.

In addition to his television work, Pally has appeared in several films, including “Iron Man 3,” “Dirty Grandpa,” and “Band Aid.” He has also made guest appearances on various television shows and has lent his voice to animated projects.

Beyond acting, Pally is a co-creator and star of the web series “Champaign ILL,” which premiered on YouTube Premium in 2018. Known for his improvisational skills and quick wit, Adam Pally continues to entertain audiences with his unique comedic style and versatile performances.

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