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  • They’ve gone to great length to disguise the fact that I’m not in the band, even sending out a photo to promoters with my picture in it which then winds up in some of the ads on the flyers.
  • There’s sort of an open offer to work with a guy in Los Angeles who does big band and orchestra arrangements who was at least an acquaintance to Les Baxter before he passed away.
  • That’s the way both they and I travel sometimes. Pick road at random, and when it’s time to pull over, you pull over and hope you can find a place to crash.
  • I went through a big Alice Cooper phase, which was probably a major influence on my writing style later, especially after Plastic Surgery Disasters.
  • Any alternative culture that inspires a lot of passion and inspiration is also in danger of being set in its ways, almost from the moment it’s born.
  • I think that what’s perceived as punk out in shopping malls or in chain stores or on MTV has almost nothing to do with what punk is about.
  • So basically the understanding on these so-called reissues is that they were done behind my back, without my permission, and the band informed me that I would no longer be paid on them at all.
  • Respecting other people’s cultures is well and good, but I draw the line at where some branches of Islam, what they do to women. It’s indefensible.
  • I’m totally down with insurrection in the street. I’ve had a great time with that over the years. Insurrection in the voting booth is the other part of the equation.
  • No matter what I do, my songs come out in a certain style, and if that sounds like Dead Kennedys, then there’s probably a reason for it. Don’t forget, I wrote most of those songs, music and lyrics.

Belle Perez is a Belgian-Spanish singer born on January 29, 1976, in Neerpelt, Belgium. Renowned for her versatile musical talent, she gained fame with her captivating performances in a variety of musical genres, including pop, Latin, and dance music.

Perez’s career took off in the late 1990s, marked by the release of her debut album “Baila Perez,” which included the hit single “Hello World.” She continued to make waves in the music industry with subsequent albums like “Queen of the Night” and “Gotitas De Amor,” displaying her multilingual abilities by singing in English, Spanish, and Dutch.

Her stage presence and powerful vocals contributed to her success, and Perez became a familiar face on international stages, particularly in Belgium and Spain, as well as in Latin American countries.

Throughout her career, Belle Perez showcased her talents not only through music but also on television, appearing in various shows and participating in competitions. Her energetic performances, combined with her charismatic personality, endeared her to audiences worldwide.

Perez’s dedication to her craft and her ability to blend different musical styles have solidified her position as a respected and beloved artist in the music industry. Her contributions continue to inspire and entertain fans globally.

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