Inspiring quotes by Bernard Malamud

Top 10 most inspiring quotes by Bernard Malamud

  • There comes a time in a man’s life when to get where he has to go–if there are no doors or windows–he walks through a wall.
  • We have two lives… the life we learn with and the life we live after that. Suffering is what brings us towards happiness.
  • Of course it would cost something, but he was an expert in cutting corners; and when there were no more corners left he would make circles rounder.
  • You could not pity anything if you weren’t a man; pity was a surprise to God. It was not his invention.
  • If the stories come, you get them written, you’re on the right track. Eventually everyone learns his or her own best way. The real mystery to crack is you.
  • A man is an island in the only sense that matters, not an easy way to be. We live in mystery, a cosmos of separate lonely bodies, men, insects, stars. It is all loneliness and men know it best.
  • Would you say you have a “philosophy” Of your own? If so what is it?’ ‘If I have it’s all skin and bones…If I have any philosophy…it’s that life could be better than it is.
  • They say God appeared in history and used it for his purposes, but if that was so he had no pity for men.
  • Overnight business could go down enough to hurt; yet as a rule it slowly recovered–sometimes it seemed to take forever–went up, not high enough to be really up, only not down.
  • It was a strange thing about people- they could look the same but be different.

Bernard Malamud (1914–1986) was an American novelist and short story writer celebrated for his poignant portrayals of the human condition, often exploring themes of redemption, moral struggle, and the search for identity. Born in Brooklyn, New York, to Russian-Jewish immigrant parents, Malamud’s upbringing in a working-class environment greatly influenced his writing.

His literary career took off with the publication of his debut novel, “The Natural” (1952), which delves into the world of baseball and remains one of his most renowned works, later adapted into a popular film. Malamud further solidified his reputation with other notable novels like “The Assistant” (1957) and “The Fixer” (1966), the latter earning him the Pulitzer Prize and solidifying his position as a leading voice in American literature.

Malamud’s writing often interweaves realism and allegory, capturing the struggles and aspirations of individuals amidst the complexities of life. His prose is known for its rich symbolism, compassion for human frailty, and exploration of ethical dilemmas.

Throughout his career, Malamud received numerous awards for his literary contributions, and his works continue to be cherished for their compelling storytelling and profound insights into the human experience. He passed away in 1986, leaving behind a legacy of powerful and thought-provoking literature.

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