Inspiring quotes by Bernardo Bertolucci

The top 10 most inspiring quotes by Bernardo Bertolucci

  • I left the ending ambiguous, because that is the way life is.
  • This is something that I dream about: to live films, to arrive at the point at which one can live for films, can think cinematographically, eat cinematographically, sleep cinematographically, as a poet, a painter, lives, eats, sleeps painting.
  • I accept all interpretations of my films. The only reality is before the camera. Each film I make is kind of a return to poetry for me, or at least an attempt to create a poem.
  • Sometimes you are in sync with the times, sometimes you are in advance, sometimes you are late.
  • I remember being young in the 1960s. We had a great sense of the future, a great big hope. This is what is missing in the youth today. This being able to dream and to change the world.
  • Film students should stay as far away from film schools and film teachers as possible. The only school for the cinema is the cinema.
  • Every film I have made has corresponded to a very special moment of my life. I like to think that if someone wanted to reconstruct the story of my life, they can just see my movies and know what I have been through.
  • The movies I like are always movies where cinema is reinvented like if it was the beginning of cinema.
  • I am still against any kind of censorship. It’s a subject in my life that has been very important.
  • English dialogues are always just what you need and nothing more – like something out of Hemingway. In Italian and in French, dialogues are always theatrical, literary. You can do more with it.

Bernardo Bertolucci (1941–2018) was an Italian filmmaker celebrated for his bold, visually stunning works that often explored complex themes of politics, sexuality, and identity. Born in Parma, Italy, Bertolucci was raised in a family deeply involved in the arts. His father, Attilio Bertolucci, was a poet and film critic, and his mother, Ninetta, was a teacher.

Bertolucci’s career began in the early 1960s with his work as an assistant director and screenwriter. He gained international recognition with his second feature film, “Before the Revolution” (1964), which showcased his talent for blending personal and political narratives. However, it was his epic masterpiece “The Conformist” (1970) that firmly established him as a leading figure in world cinema.

Throughout his career, Bertolucci continued to push artistic boundaries, creating visually sumptuous films such as “Last Tango in Paris” (1972) and “The Last Emperor” (1987), which earned him widespread acclaim and numerous awards, including Oscars for Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay.

Despite controversy surrounding some of his works, Bertolucci’s influence on cinema remains profound, with his films admired for their poetic imagery, philosophical depth, and profound exploration of human nature. He passed away in 2018, leaving behind a rich legacy of cinematic brilliance.

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