Inspiring quotes by Billy Sunday

Top 10 most inspiring quotes by Billy Sunday

  • Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than going to a garage makes you an automobile.
  • Better die an old maid, sister, than marry the wrong man.
  • The law tells me how crooked I am. Grace comes along and straightens me out.
  • The reason you don’t like the Bible, you old sinner, is because it knows all about you.
  • You can’t measure manhood with a tape line around his biceps.
  • The backslider likes the preaching that wouldn’t hit the side of a house, while the real disciple is delighted when the truth brings him to his knees.
  • One reason sin flourishes is that it is treated like a cream puff instead of a rattlesnake.
  • The Bible will always be full of things you cannot understand, as long as you will not live according to those you can understand.
  • The only way to keep a broken vessel full is to keep it always under the tap.
  • Temptation is the devil looking through the keyhole. Yielding is opening the door and inviting him in.

Billy Sunday (1862–1935) was a charismatic American evangelist and former professional baseball player who gained widespread fame for his passionate and dynamic preaching during the early 20th century. Born in Ames, Iowa, Sunday began his career as a Major League baseball player before experiencing a religious conversion in the 1880s.

After leaving baseball, Sunday joined the ranks of the YMCA and later became associated with the Chicago-based Pacific Garden Mission. His fervent and theatrical preaching style drew large crowds, and he emerged as one of the most influential figures of the urban revivalist movement. Sunday’s sermons often focused on topics such as temperance, morality, and salvation.

Known for his fiery rhetoric, animated gestures, and a disdain for sinful behavior, Sunday’s revival meetings were characterized by energetic hymn singing and emotional appeals. He played a significant role in the temperance movement, advocating for the prohibition of alcohol. Sunday’s influence extended beyond the pulpit, and his radio broadcasts further amplified his message.

Billy Sunday’s impact on American evangelicalism and the broader culture persisted, making him a prominent figure in the history of religious revivalism in the United States. He continued his evangelistic work until his death in 1935.

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