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The top 10 most inspiring quotes by Clarence Thomas

  • Capello put me behind Demetrio Albertini, so I had the right position. I had to follow him like a shadow. It was to learn the basics, but at the same time, it was also a great vote of confidence.
  • When I told Arsene Wenger I was leaving, he said to me, ‘I have £25m to spend on a few players.’ My answer was, ‘Obviously, Mr. Wenger, you are not shopping in Harrods. That will only buy you one good player.’ Now I have been proved right.
  • It was complicated at Madrid. I was suspicious. The lack of recognition for Makelele over there scared me. I was scared it would happen to me. But I should have gone there. Today, I don’t regret the career that I have had, but if I could have changed one thing, it would be that: to go to Madrid.
  • Every single position has a massive part to play on a team.
  • I’m passionate about the job. I’m really excited. I’m really determined.
  • When you’re in youth development, you have to develop players – win or come in second. But the job where I am and the reality of our industry is to win to be successful, and that is what I have to do. I have to be successful, and I want to be successful, so we’ll do everything we can do to win.
  • My commitment, and my desire to win the ball or make a tackle, that will never change. But you grow up. I’m not 20 any more.
  • I wasn’t ready to manage straight away. You have a few players who stopped and managed a first team straight away and were successful, and then there are the other ones who take different pathways. And I think what was important for me was to understand what I really wanted to do.
  • I’m a good listener, and I take into consideration everything people tell me, but at the same time, I believe my eyes as well as the experience I had as a player. So players who underperform? There has to be a reason why… my job is for them to perform.
  • I think football reflects our society. Our society changes. The evolution of society dictates the evolution of the game.

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However, it was at Arsenal where he cemented his legacy, captaining the “Invincibles” team that went unbeaten in the 2003-2004 Premier League season. Known for his imposing physical presence, leadership, and exceptional midfield skills, Vieira also played for Juventus, Inter Milan, and Manchester City.

Internationally, Vieira earned 107 caps for France, winning the 1998 FIFA World Cup and Euro 2000. After retiring in 2011, he transitioned to management, starting with Manchester City’s youth team, then New York City FC, OGC Nice, and most recently, Crystal Palace. Vieira’s tactical acumen and passion for the game continue to influence the football world, both on and off the field.

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