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  • The first music-learning thing that I took seriously was piano lessons when I was a kid. I guess that was probably the only time that I was forced to perform music, because I had piano recitals, and my school also had mandatory music classes that had some performing required.
  • It’s funny: ‘Next Thing’ was written in a time of my life when I was actually really naive and thought that I was wise.
  • If I could have a record that represents every stage of my life, I’d be putting out one a month. Everything is always changing, and so is the way that I feel about stuff.
  • I knew that ‘Next Thing’ was an angry album while I was making it. But I thought that it was angry the way that you get in a fight, not angry as a huge life change.
  • I meet a lot of people after shows, and I have to say it’s pretty intense.
  • I love going to weddings. I love movie scenes of weddings. Even at TV-show weddings, I cry at every wedding.
  • I was never interested in acting, and I never became good at it.
  • I don’t really understand how to do bureaucratic things—school-system things.
  • I think I’d like my hair to be perfect.
  • I’ve played Frankie Cosmos shows where the promoter or whoever sees that I’m the lead singer, and then they go up to David, the bassist, and are like, ‘So, do we pay you?’ And he’s like, ‘No, you pay her; she’s the boss.’ Those are moments where I’m just like, ‘I’m clearly in charge.’

Frankie Cosmos is the stage name of Greta Kline, an indie singer-songwriter from New York City. Born in 1994, Kline began writing and recording music at a young age, releasing numerous albums and EPs under various monikers before adopting the Frankie Cosmos persona in 2011.

Her music is characterized by its lo-fi production, intimate lyrics, and catchy melodies, often drawing comparisons to artists like Kimya Dawson and Liz Phair. Kline’s songs typically explore themes of love, relationships, and everyday experiences, delivered with a charming sincerity that resonates with her audience.

Frankie Cosmos gained significant attention with the release of her critically acclaimed albums, including “Zentropy” (2014), “Next Thing” (2016), and “Vessel” (2018). These albums showcased Kline’s evolving songwriting talents and further established her as a prominent figure in the indie music scene.

Beyond her solo work, Kline has collaborated with other artists and contributed to various projects, demonstrating her versatility as a musician. With her distinct voice and introspective songwriting, Frankie Cosmos continues to captivate audiences worldwide, earning praise for her authenticity and emotional depth.

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