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Top 10 most inspiring quotes by Irvine Welsh

  • By definition, you have to live until you die. Better to make that life as complete and enjoyable an experience as possible, in case death is shite, which I suspect it will be.
  • You were what you were and you are what you are. Fuck that regrets bullshit.
  • Mates are a waste of fucking time. They are always ready to drag you down tae their level of social, sexual and intellectual mediocrity.
  • This is what being alive’s all about, all those fucked up feelings. You’ve got to have them; when you stop, watch out.
  • His eyes are wild, psychotic slits that bat-dance in your soul looking for good things to crush or bad elements to identify with.
  • When two people were in love you had to leave them to it. Especially when you weren’t in love and wished that you were. That could embarrass. That could hurt.
  • Now there is apparently a causal link between heroin addiction and vegetarianism.
  • Now, for the first time, he’s seeing that there really is a way out of this, and it’s all so simple. You don’t have to run away. You just meet somebody special and step sideways into a parallel universe.
  • The fact that you use the term “cunt” in the same breath as “sexist”, shows that you display the same muddled, fucked-up thinking oan this issue as you do oan everything else.
  • But even Es and cocaine, over the years they blow holes in your brain, rob you of your memories, your past. Which is fair enough, convenient even.
Irvine Welsh

Irvine Welsh is a Scottish author known for his gritty and darkly humorous novels, primarily set in the working-class neighborhoods of Edinburgh. Born on September 27, 1958, in Leith, a port district of Edinburgh, Welsh grew up in a working-class family. He attended Ainslie Park High School and later studied computer science at Heriot-Watt University.

Welsh gained international recognition with the publication of his debut novel, “Trainspotting,” in 1993. The novel, written in a raw and colloquial style, explores the lives of a group of heroin addicts in Edinburgh. It became a cultural phenomenon and was adapted into a highly successful film directed by Danny Boyle in 1996.

Throughout his career, Welsh has continued to write critically acclaimed novels, including “Filth,” “Marabou Stork Nightmares,” and “Porno,” which served as a sequel to “Trainspotting.” His works often tackle themes of addiction, violence, urban decay, and social inequality, while employing a distinctive Scottish vernacular.

In addition to his novels, Welsh has also written plays, screenplays, and short stories, often examining the darker aspects of contemporary society. He has been praised for his uncompromising and authentic portrayal of characters and their struggles.

Irvine Welsh’s writing style and subject matter have made him one of the most prominent figures in contemporary Scottish literature, and he continues to be a significant voice in exploring the complexities of modern society.

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