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Top 10 most inspiring quotes by Jerry Bruce Jenkins

  • When you come to Christ as a real young person, I think when you become a teen-ager either you rebel or you search, doubt, and wonder.
  • When I was a junior camp counselor and it was my job to tell the campers a bedtime story or devotional, I would tell them a rapture story.
  • Tim sends me a fairly ambitious workup in notebook form noting the passages we’re going to cover and the chronology of the biblical events, and his commentaries on those things he’s read and written.
  • There is a comfort zone of knowing where things are going and having characters in place, but the action gets more and more dramatic and is very challenging to describe.
  • The theater of the mind is impossible to compete with, and I like the idea that with a few suggestions, each reader forms in his or her own mind what a character or a place looks like.
  • People want to find out what happens to the characters, and want to keep reading, and turning the pages.
  • People are scared to death and they’re looking for something beyond themselves.
  • My dream remains to inform and entertain through fiction in the form of novels and movies that compete in the marketplace of ideas.
  • Left Behind takes what to some people may be unbelievable predictions from the Bible and shows how they might play out. It makes the events of biblical prophecy understandable and thus believable.
  • Ironically, in today’s marketplace successful nonfiction has to be unbelievable, while successful fiction must be believable.
Jerry Bruce Jenkins

Jerry Bruce Jenkins is a renowned American author, born on September 23, 1949, in Kalamazoo, Michigan. He is best known for his work in the Christian fiction genre, particularly for co-authoring the popular “Left Behind” series with Tim LaHaye.

Jenkins began his writing career in the early 1970s, initially working as a sports editor for a newspaper. He later transitioned to writing books, and his early works primarily focused on sports and biographies. However, it was his collaboration with Tim LaHaye on the “Left Behind” series that brought him widespread recognition and success.

The “Left Behind” series, which consists of 16 novels, follows a group of characters dealing with the events of the Rapture and the subsequent tribulation period as described in Christian eschatology. The series became a phenomenal success, selling millions of copies worldwide and gaining a dedicated fan base. Jenkins’ strong storytelling and ability to weave biblical prophecy into his narratives contributed to the series’ popularity.

Apart from the “Left Behind” series, Jenkins has authored numerous other books, both fiction and non-fiction. Some of his notable works include “Riven,” “The Precinct,” and “Empire’s End.” He has explored various genres, including mystery, thriller, and historical fiction, often incorporating Christian themes into his storytelling.

Jenkins’ writing has garnered him several prestigious awards and accolades throughout his career. He is a New York Times bestselling author and has been recognized by organizations such as the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association and the Christy Awards.

Jerry Bruce Jenkins continues to write and engage with his readers, delivering captivating stories with moral and faith-based elements. His contributions to Christian fiction have left a lasting impact on the genre and have made him a beloved figure among readers seeking meaningful and engaging storytelling.

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