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Top 10 most inspiring quotes by Jerry Jones

  • We are in a situation where we can have a developing backup quarterback because of the excellence of Tony Romo. We can have that behind him. To me, that’s what you’re ideally striving for.
  • The question of many college quarterbacks is can they operate in the pro game, in the pro system. Can they not only function under the early, especially with our game, but can they do it efficiently?
  • One thing that we’ve invested a lot of in, that we all live by, is the power of the commissioner.
  • When it’s the caliber of fight that Canelo Alvarez and Liam Smith is, that’s a big deal, and what I’ve tried to do since we built this stadium is have the great sport events.
  • I probably should have had a little more tolerance with Jimmy Johnson. Seriously.
  • I tried to get us what I thought was the equivalent of a Romo with Quincy Carter in the third round.
  • I’ve tried to get cute – and I don’t mind saying tried to be cute – at the quarterback spot.
  • If he can basically prepare, be the starting quarterback, come in and execute and keep his head right, then I feel good about Weeden.
  • Television has always been our No. 1 competition. But I know firsthand that you can create an experience you can’t get on television. I also know that the social experience has an appeal.
  • You look at anything I’ve been a part of, it’s when the laboring, the fatigue, when some of those things happen, that’s what shows what you’re going to be.
Jerry Jones

Jerry Jones is an American businessman and the owner, president, and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys, a professional football team in the National Football League (NFL). He was born on October 13, 1942, in Los Angeles, California.

Jones attended the University of Arkansas, where he played football as an offensive lineman. After completing his education, he ventured into the oil and gas exploration business, establishing his own company, Jones Oil and Land Lease, in 1971. He achieved considerable success in the oil industry and amassed significant wealth.

In 1989, Jerry Jones made headlines when he purchased the Dallas Cowboys football team for $140 million. He quickly made his mark as an ambitious and hands-on owner, bringing a new level of business acumen to the franchise. Jones became known for his active involvement in team affairs, including player acquisitions, contracts, and coaching decisions.

Under Jones’ ownership, the Cowboys experienced both success and controversy. During the 1990s, the team achieved great prominence, winning three Super Bowls (in 1993, 1994, and 1996) and becoming one of the most recognizable and valuable sports franchises in the world.

However, in the subsequent years, the team faced periods of inconsistency and struggled to replicate its past glory. The Cowboys went through various coaching changes and had mixed results on the field. Despite this, Jerry Jones remained a prominent figure in the NFL and continued to make headlines with his outspoken and sometimes controversial statements.

Outside of football, Jones has been involved in various business ventures, including real estate development and investments. He is also a philanthropist and has contributed to charitable causes over the years.

Jerry Jones’ tenure as the owner of the Dallas Cowboys has made him one of the most influential figures in American sports. His passion for the game, entrepreneurial spirit, and larger-than-life personality have left an indelible mark on the NFL and the sports industry as a whole.

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