Inspiring quotes by Marlon Brando

The top 10 most inspiring quotes by Marlon Brando

  • The only reason I’m in Hollywood is that I don’t have the moral courage to refuse the money.
  • With women, I’ve got a long bamboo pole with a leather loop on the end. I slip the loop around their necks so they can’t get away or come too close. Like catching snakes.
  • I don’t mind that I’m fat. You still get the same money.
  • We’d all like to be certain of what we know, but I think the most important question is to ask yourself do you really know what you know?
  • An actor’s a guy who, if you ain’t talking about him, ain’t listening.
  • Acting is the expression of a neurotic impulse. It’s a bum’s life. Quitting acting, that’s the sign of maturity.
  • If we are not our brother’s keeper, at least let us not be his executioner.
  • I think to regret is useless in life. It belongs to the past.
  • Privacy is not something that I’m merely entitled to, it’s an absolute prerequisite.
  • Never confuse the size of your paycheck with the size of your talent.

Marlon Brando, born on April 3, 1924, in Omaha, Nebraska, was an iconic American actor known for his groundbreaking performances and influential acting style. Rising to prominence in the 1950s, Brando revolutionized the craft of acting with his naturalistic approach and intense character portrayals.

He gained widespread acclaim for his role as Stanley Kowalski in Tennessee Williams’ “A Streetcar Named Desire,” both on Broadway and in the subsequent film adaptation. His portrayal of Vito Corleone in “The Godfather” earned him an Academy Award for Best Actor, solidifying his status as one of the greatest actors of all time.

Throughout his career, Brando was known for his off-screen eccentricities and tumultuous personal life, which often overshadowed his professional achievements. Despite his tumultuous personal life, Brando left an indelible mark on the world of cinema and acting.

He passed away on July 1, 2004, leaving behind a legacy that continues to inspire actors and filmmakers worldwide. Brando’s influence on the art of acting and his contributions to film remain unparalleled, cementing his place as a true legend of the silver screen.

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