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The top 10 most inspiring quotes by Paul Lynde

  • Peter Marshall: A western saddle has a curved horn on the front to hold something for the cowboy. What is it?
  • I sang in the choir for years, even though my family belonged to another church.
  • Outsiders develop humor as a defense; why do you think most comedians are gay or Jewish?
  • A closet full of wire hangers can be the most dangerous place in the world.
  • My body may have been abused, but it certainly hasn’t been neglected.
  • I feel now it’s useless to keep hoping. The way things are today, we live in a world that needs laughter, and I’ve decided if I can make people laugh, I’m making a more important contribution.
  • Comedy is exaggerated realism. It can be stretched to the almost ludicrous, but it must always be believable.
  • I don’t know who the hell Paul Lynde is, or why he’s funny, and I prefer it to be a mystery to me.
  • When I said I didn’t have a cent, I didn’t. I used to get annoyed with people who said they were broke when they had five dollars.
  • As far as cookbooks go, I think Joy of Cooking is a classic. I’ve used it over and over again. Julia Child frustrates me. By the time you get all her herbs together, you’re exhausted.

Paul Lynde, born on June 13, 1926, in Mount Vernon, Ohio, was a beloved American comedian and actor. Known for his sharp wit and distinctive voice, he gained fame as a character actor on television and in films during the mid-20th century. Lynde’s breakout role came as the sarcastic Uncle Arthur on the popular TV show “Bewitched,” where his comedic timing and memorable one-liners endeared him to audiences.

He was also a fixture on the game show “Hollywood Squares,” where he served as the “center square” for many years, delivering quips that became legendary. His film appearances included roles in “Bye Bye Birdie” and “The Paul Lynde Halloween Special,” further cementing his status as a comic icon.

Despite his public persona, Lynde faced personal struggles and his life was marked by the challenges of being a gay man in Hollywood during a less accepting era. He passed away on January 10, 1982, leaving behind a legacy of laughter and an indelible mark on American comedy.

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