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The top 10 most inspiring quotes by Steve Harris

  • When you’re trying to create imagery, you’re trying to create a feeling or a mood.
  • Personally, I’ve got too many ideas to use in my lifetime, probably. But that’s a nice problem to have, I think.
  • The only thing I don’t write is the guitar solos, but even then I might suggest one or two things.
  • I respect religion and all people’s ideas of it. I think everyone should be able to do whatever they want to do with their own life. I just don’t particularly like it when people try and force their ideas on others.
  • It’s about the music for us. Always has been. The bottom line is the music.
  • So when I started writing my own stuff, it was with a lot of combinations and time changes and power.
  • I have respect for anybody that has to go and do whatever they have to do to protect their country.
  • Some of the newer bands I like include Queensryche and Marillion, and I was glad when Yes reformed. Also, Kingdom Come; I was laughing when I first heard it and going ‘This is outrageous,’ but it’s a really album. I went to see them play and enjoyed it.
  • Maybe that’s what makes my stuff different, ’cause I write it all on the bass. I can’t play but a few chords on the guitar, so the bass works just fine for me.
  • If you take care of the music first, and then add elements of a good show, then it makes for a good combination.

Steve Harris, born on March 12, 1956, in Leytonstone, London, England, is best known as the founder and bassist of the iconic British heavy metal band Iron Maiden. Harris exhibited a passion for music from a young age, initially playing drums before switching to bass guitar. In 1975, he formed Iron Maiden, which would go on to become one of the most successful and enduring metal bands in history.

Harris’s distinctive bass playing style, characterized by galloping rhythms and melodic lines, has been a defining element of Iron Maiden’s sound. Beyond his musical contributions, he is also the primary songwriter for the band, crafting many of their most beloved anthems.

Outside of Iron Maiden, Harris has pursued various musical endeavors, including forming his own solo band, British Lion, in 2012. He has also worked as a producer for other artists and has been involved in side projects such as the supergroup project “The Entire Population of Hackney.”

Beyond his musical achievements, Harris is known for his down-to-earth demeanor and dedication to his craft. He remains a revered figure in the heavy metal community, influencing generations of musicians with his pioneering work in Iron Maiden and continuing to tour and record with the band to this day.

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