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The top 10 most inspiring quotes by Steven Hill

  • Every day, I have a most embarrassing moment.
  • There is no golden rule of dating, except to make sure that it engages both of you; too many people go to a cinema for a first date and, of course, don’t say a word; that’s a bad thing!
  • BBJ customers value long-range capability and cabin size, and this product offering enhances both.
  • Always do something that requires you and your date to talk.
  • Extreme Makeover: They help people that are uncomfortable in their own skin. They really change lives.
  • I just want to be more regular.
  • I am single for two reasons. First, I don’t date girls who watch Real World because they already think they know me. Second, a lot of girls look at me as the slutty seven.
  • I used to be a regular college student, and now I go all over the country and stay at really nice hotels.
  • I don’t want to spend my life doing jobs that I don’t care about.
  • I have worked all of my life, so I really don’t have any hobbies.

Steven Hill (1922–2016) was an accomplished American actor known for his versatility and compelling performances across stage, film, and television. Born in Seattle, Washington, Hill’s passion for acting led him to pursue a career in the arts. He gained recognition for his work in theater, appearing in various productions both on and off Broadway.

Hill’s breakthrough came with his role as Daniel Briggs in the hit television series “Mission: Impossible” in the 1960s, where he portrayed the original team leader. His portrayal of Briggs showcased his ability to command the screen with a mix of intelligence and intensity.

Following his success on television, Hill transitioned to film, starring in notable movies such as “Yentl” alongside Barbra Streisand and “Billy Bathgate” with Dustin Hoffman.

In the later years of his career, Hill returned to television with memorable roles in series like “Law & Order,” where he played the stern district attorney Adam Schiff, earning critical acclaim and further cementing his place as a respected actor in the industry.

Steven Hill’s legacy lives on through his impactful contributions to the world of entertainment, leaving behind a body of work that continues to inspire and entertain audiences worldwide.

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