Isabella Rossellini: Birthday

Italian-American actress
Born: June 18, 1952

Isabella Rossellini is an Italian-American actress, model, and philanthropist. She was born on June 18, 1952, in Rome, Italy, to renowned actress Ingrid Bergman and director Roberto Rossellini. Growing up, Isabella spent her childhood between Rome and Paris, and later moved to the United States.

Rossellini initially pursued a career in journalism and worked as a correspondent for RAI (Italian television) and later for the American network CBS. However, she gained widespread recognition and success as a model in the early 1980s. Her unique and exotic beauty captured the attention of numerous renowned fashion photographers, and she became the face of prestigious brands like Lancôme.

In the late 1980s, Isabella transitioned to acting and made her film debut in the David Lynch-directed movie “Blue Velvet” (1986). Her role as Dorothy Vallens earned critical acclaim and established her as a talented actress. She went on to star in several notable films, including “Wild at Heart” (1990) and “Death Becomes Her” (1992).

Rossellini has also ventured into the world of television, appearing in the critically acclaimed series “Crime Story” (1986-1988) and the medical drama “Chicago Hope” (1999-2000). Additionally, she has worked on stage, performing in various theatrical productions.

Apart from her acting career, Isabella Rossellini is an outspoken advocate for animal rights and environmental causes. She has been actively involved with organizations like the Wildlife Conservation Network and the Green Cross International.

Isabella Rossellini’s career has been marked by her versatility and ability to captivate audiences both on screen and in the fashion world. Her talent, elegance, and distinctive presence have made her a respected figure in the entertainment industry.

Isabella Rossellini

Isabella Rossellini’s 5 most popular quotes

  • True elegance is for me the manifestation of an independent mind.
  • My father used to say that you could only access culture before cinema by learning to read and write, but that once cinema was invented, knowledge was available to anybody.
  • If we are completely honest with ourselves, everyone has a dark side to their personalities.
  • From the time I was a child I wanted to be like my mother. Not necessarily an actress – I never dreamed I’d have the courage. But an active, volatile woman like she was.
  • I was always fascinated by the infinite, strange and ‘scandalous’ ways that insects copulate.
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