Jason Nash: Birthday

American comedian and internet personality
Born: May 23, 1973

Jason Nash is an American comedian, actor, and YouTube personality, born on May 23, 1973, in Boston, Massachusetts. Known for his sharp wit and self-deprecating humor, Nash has built a diverse career in entertainment. He initially gained recognition in the early 2000s through stand-up comedy and writing for television, including shows like “Supernews!” and “Jason Nash is Married,” which was later adapted into a feature film in 2014.

Nash’s career took a significant turn with the rise of social media. He became a prominent figure on Vine, the now-defunct short-form video platform, where he amassed millions of followers with his comedic sketches. Transitioning to YouTube, Nash continued to expand his reach. He joined the Vlog Squad, a collaborative group of content creators led by David Dobrik, where his humorous and often outrageous antics garnered widespread attention.

In addition to his online presence, Nash has appeared in various films and television shows, including “FML,” “Random Tropical Paradise,” and “House Arrest.” His work extends beyond acting and comedy, as he also produces content and hosts the popular podcast “Views” with Dobrik. Nash’s influence in digital entertainment highlights his adaptability and enduring appeal in the ever-evolving landscape of online media.

Jason Nash’s 5 most popular quotes

  • L.A. gets a bad rap, but that’s not the case. Everybody’s like a real family out here. I think a lot of that comes from UCB Theatre, Amy Poehler, Matt Walsh, Matt Besser, and Ian Roberts. They’re really funny, but they’re also upstanding people.
  • Telling someone you have a web series is the same thing as telling someone, ‘On Monday, I start work at Chipotle.’
  • Weird how fast technology changes.
  • I really want to put people at ease and tell them things are going to be all right.
  • I’ve been working with Collab for years and honestly I couldn’t ask for a better partner.
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