Matthew Modine: Birthday

American actor
Born: March 22, 1959

Matthew Modine is an American actor and filmmaker, who is best known for his role as United States Marine Corps Private Joker in legendary filmmaker Stanley Kubrick’s Vietnam war epic ‘Full Metal Jacket’. He is also known for his other roles such as the title character in Alan Parker’s ‘Birdy’, high school wrestler ‘Louden Swain’ in ‘Vision Quest’, ‘Drake Goodman’ in ‘Pacific Heights’ as well as ‘Dr. Ralph Wyman’ in the movie ‘Short Cuts’. Modine has also played some high-profile characters on television such as ‘Sullivan Groff’ on ‘Weeds’, ‘Dr. Don Francis’ in ‘And the Band Played On’, ‘Ivan Turing’ in ‘Proof’ and most recently ‘Dr. Martin Brenner’ in the highly acclaimed Netflix Original series ‘Stranger Things’. Modine has received numerous nominations for his various film, television and stage roles throughout his career. Most notably he has received two Golden Globe nominations for ‘Best Actor in a Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for Television’ for his work in ‘And the Band Played On’ and ‘What the Deaf Man Heard’. Modine is also an environmentalist who advocates the use of cycles to mitigate air pollution.

Matthew Modine

Matthew Modine’s 5 most popular quotes

  • We should all aspire in life to do a multitude of things well – to be a great father, to be a good husband, to be a good lover, you know, to try to do things the best you can is very important to me.
  • Stanley didn’t shy away from true humanity or from the ugliness that all people are capable of.
  • Photography is about light and what it does and how it is captured on a piece of negative.
  • I don’t think that digital photography is romantic yet. It’s not sympathetic the way that film is.
  • My father taught me to paint when I was young with watercolors and so I learned at a very young age the essential elements of the value of light and composition.
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