Nikita Dutta: Birthday

Indian actress
Born: November 13, 1990

Nikita Dutta is an Indian actress and model born on November 13, 1990, in Delhi, India. She gained recognition for her work in the Indian television industry. Dutta made her acting debut in 2014 with the TV show “Dream Girl: Ek Ladki Deewani Si.” However, she rose to prominence with her lead role in the popular television series “Ek Duje Ke Vaaste” in 2016, where she portrayed the character of Suman Tiwari.

Apart from television, Nikita has also ventured into Bollywood. She made her film debut in 2018 with the movie “Gold,” starring opposite Akshay Kumar. Her performance was well-received, marking her transition from television to the big screen. Nikita is known for her striking looks, acting prowess, and charming on-screen presence.

With a background in modeling, Nikita Dutta has been associated with various brands and fashion events. She continues to be a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, balancing both television and film projects. Her talent and versatility have earned her a dedicated fan base, making her one of the promising talents in the Indian entertainment scene.

Nikita Dutta’s 5 most popular quotes

  • It is not easy to participate in the 21 km. marathon. It takes a lot of energy, determination, and will power. It takes months to train to reach that mark with a proper diet chart.
  • I can never hold a grudge against anyone, even if I know that he has done something wrong to me.
  • I am a fitness freak, and I do not celebrate any festivity in a grand way during the months of December and January because I am busy preparing for my marathon.
  • I have grown up in a family where every one is a part of the defence forces, so freedom and everything related to independence runs deep down my veins.
  • In Mumbai, life is always on the go, but in Delhi, I get a break; it gives me a lot of peace. Here I feel like I am on a pampered holiday, and I am treated like a princess.
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