Seth Green: Birthday

American actor
Born: February 8, 1974

Seth Green is a film and television actor who co-created the animated television comedy series “Robot Chicken.” He is well-known for his role as Daniel Osbourne in the television series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” He started out as a child artist at the tender age of six; an uncle in the casting business helped introduce the youngster to acting. One of his early television appearances was as a little boy in an episode of the sketch comedy show “Saturday Night Live.” He made his film debut in a supporting role in the comedy-drama “The Hotel New Hampshire” as a ten-year-old. One thing led to another, and soon he was making numerous minor appearances in television shows and films. He also started developing himself as a voice actor. In spite of his television and film roles, it was actually a role in a commercial that made him really popular. Exposed to the world of show business at a young age, he soon graduated from being an actor to becoming a successful producer and director. He co-created the animated series “Robot Chicken” along with Matthew Senreich and also voiced several of its characters. The series became highly popular and won many awards and accolades.

Seth Green

Seth Green’s 5 most popular quotes

  • God is, to me, pretty much a myth created over time to deny the idea that we’re all responsible for our own actions.
  • There’s no greater way to gain an audience’s sympathy than by being unfortunate.
  • I’m a control freak except that I’m a good team player. So I obsess about the details of things but I also trust the team.
  • I was never famous as a kid. That’s the biggest difference between me and any other kid actor is that I wasn’t famous as a kid.
  • I was never specifically associated with a part, I didn’t have tons of money, I wasn’t conventionally tall or handsome, so you know the things that were available to me were hard work and perseverance.
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