Song Hye-kyo: Birthday

South Korean actress
Born: November 22, 1981

Song Hye-kyo, born on November 22, 1981, in Dalseo District, Daegu, South Korea, is a renowned South Korean actress. With a career spanning over two decades, she has become a prominent figure in the Korean entertainment industry. Song gained widespread recognition for her roles in popular television dramas such as “Autumn in My Heart” (2000), “Full House” (2004), and “Descendants of the Sun” (2016).

Her captivating performances and versatility have earned her numerous awards, solidifying her status as one of South Korea’s most accomplished actresses. Beyond television, Song Hye-kyo has also made a mark in the film industry with notable works like “My Girl and I” (2005) and “The Grandmaster” (2013).

Known for her beauty and elegance, Song has not only been a successful actress but also a fashion icon and a sought-after brand ambassador for various luxury brands. Her influence extends beyond the screen, making her a beloved and respected public figure.

Off-screen, Song Hye-kyo has been involved in philanthropic work and has supported various charitable causes. Despite the challenges of fame, she continues to be a celebrated talent, leaving an indelible mark on the entertainment landscape in South Korea and beyond.

Song Hye-kyo’s 5 most popular quotes

  • I personally think that it is acceptable if I take a step forward and can act with more diverse expressions and feelings.
  • The dramas that I worked on were successful, but not the movies. I still have many opportunities, and I will not be discouraged.
  • Song Joong-ki is known for his sincerity and manners. He is younger than me, but I thought I learned many things from him.
  • Regardless of the success of a drama or film, I will be satisfied if viewers say that my acting has progressed and has gained more depth.
  • People assume that I’m girly. But people who know me say I’m more boyish.
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