Sutton Foster: Birthday

American actress
Born: March 18, 1975

Sutton Foster is an award-winning American actress, singer and dancer, best known for her performances in the Broadway productions, such as ‘The Drowsy Chaperone’, ‘Little Women’, ‘Young Frankenstein’, ‘Shrek the Musical’ and ‘Thoroughly Modern Millie’. Her expressive voice has brought her fame in the Broadway musical theatre. With her beautiful face and high-spirited charisma, she is considered as the best fit in the endorsement industry. She has tried her hand at a lot of professions and has excelled in all of them. Sutton Foster is also known for her dancing skills that have wooed the world over the years, and all her works are true masterpieces.

Sutton Foster

Sutton Foster’s 5 most popular quotes

  • I try to have a very optimistic outlook on life, I try not to take anything too seriously, I try to and I do find a ton of joy and happiness in my life and I think that helps you stay youthful.
  • Even when I’m not working, I’m still working on something because I just want to create something.
  • Ballet is an incredibly difficult, beautiful art form that takes a lot of training, a lot of time, and a lot of hard work.
  • It’s a bit of an outside-in approach – so often the clothing can reveal so much about a character. It’s like part of her superhero costume that she gets to put on and become someone else.
  • I think everybody has something that takes them away or makes them happier. To some people it’s baseball or sports or knitting or the movies.
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