Tina Majorino: Birthday

American actress
Born: February 7, 1985

Tina Majorino has been charming audiences on the silver screen from a young age. In 1994, she made her feature film debut in Touchstone’s When a Man Loves a Woman, playing Meg Ryan and Andy Garcia’s daughter, followed quickly that same year by New Line’s Corrina, Corinna (opposite Whoopi Goldberg and Ray Liotta), and Paramount’s Andre (in which she starred as “Toni Whitney”). While her career began in national television commercials and with the ABC television series Camp Wilder, the film trifecta firmly established Majorino as a breakout performer. She would go on to co-star in Universal’s Waterworld (playing “Enola” opposite Kevin Costner), and she played “Alice” in the NBC movie Alice in Wonderland, alongside Whoopi Goldberg again (as the “Cheshire Cat”), Christopher Lloyd (“White Knight”), Miranda Richardson (“Queen of Hearts”), and Martin Short (“Mad Hatter”). In 2004, Majorino starred as “Deb” in the smash hit Napoleon Dynamite alongside Jon Heder, Efren Ramirez, and Jon Gries. The film became an overnight cult classic and remains one of her favorite roles. On the small screen, her television credits include Grey’s Anatomy, Scorpion, True Blood, Big Love, Bones, Veronica Mars, and Legends, among many others.

Tina Majorino

Tina Majorino’s 5 most popular quotes

  • Just because one of your films does well at the box office, that doesn’t make you a good person. It doesn’t make you strong, smart, or secure, either.
  • I was not pushed into the business by anything other than my own ambition and my own dream of wanting to act.
  • People know they have seen me somewhere, but they don’t know where. They think I’m their next-door neighbor.
  • I didn’t want to become like so many of the young people I’ve worked with who have money, fame, and success but don’t know who they are as people.
  • I’ve tended to play the outcast. I don’t know, more nerdy types.
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