10 inspirational charlotte mason quotes on success

  • Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life.
  • The formation of habits is education and the education is the formation of habits.
  • The most common and the monstrous defect in the education of the day is that children fail to acquire the habit of reading.
  • The knowledge of God is the principal knowledge.
  • Education, like faith, is the evidence of things not seen.
  • We hold that all education is divine, that every good gift of knowledge and insight comes from above.
  • The peculiar value of geography lies in its fitness to nourish the mind with ideas and furnish the imagination with pictures.
  • Of the joyous motives of our school life, the love of knowledge is the only abiding one; the only one which determines the scale, so to speak, upon which the person will hereafter live.
  • Having found the book which has a message for us, let us not be guilty of the folly of saying we have read it. We might as well say we have breakfasted as if breakfasting on one day should last us every day…
  • And all the time we have books, books teeming with ideas fresh from the minds of thinkers upon every subject to which we can wish to introduce children.
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