10 inspirational donald glover quotes on success

  • A lot of my sketches came from thoughts, and I always just wanted to act them out.
  • I hope people come to the shows because they feel like there’s something there that I can’t necessarily articulate, but it’s real and it’s fun.
  • hope a kid listens to my stuff, I hope there’s a change made and at least somebody walks away with: “I’m doing this because I like it.” People are going to hate it and that’s okay, but I have to do it because my happiness is important too, it’s worth it.
  • People are sometimes like: “Oh man, you’re so talented and you do a bunch of stuff.” I’m not! I swear to god, I’m not. I just like learning stuff, I like doing stuff. And I feel like everybody can definitely do it.
  • I hope in general that my music allows somebody to follow what they really like doing.
  • I feel like there’s a lot of rappers that could out-rap me and I wouldn’t want to face any of them.
  • Rapper, just puts so much connotation on who you are and what is exposed. Even if a lot of it is out-dated, people still bring a lot to it.
  • I don’t think I’m good, I don’t think I’m a good rapper. I think a lot of people always want me to battle somebody and stuff like that which is cool, but I don’t see myself as a rapper.
  • I would never challenge any rapper to a rap-off. It’s weird, I’m not that type of rapper.
  • I think that’s what makes a good rapper. Somebody who wants to push themselves and their audience further.
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