10 inspirational gary l. francione quotes on success

  • We should take good care of the domestic animals we have brought into existence until they die. We should stop bringing more domestic animals into existence.
  • Welfare reforms and the whole “happy” exploitation movement are not “baby steps.” They are big steps–in a seriously backward direction.
  • Because animals are property, we consider as “humane treatment” that we would regard as torture if it were inflicted on humans.
  • You cannot live a nonviolent life as long as you are consuming violence. Please consider going vegan.
  • Who I’ve been is not as important as who I’m becoming.
  • Veganism is not a limitation in any way; it’s an expansion of your love, your commitment to nonviolence, and your belief in justice for all.
  • If we can live and prosper without killing, why would we not do so? I do not see veganism as ‘extreme’ in any way. I see killing for no reason as extreme in every way.
  • All sentient beings should have at least one right—the right not to be treated as property.
  • There is nothing more ‘elitist’ than thinking our palate pleasure can ever justify a second of suffering or a single death. Please go vegan.
  • If you love animals but think that veganism is extreme, then you are confused about the meaning of love.
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