10 inspirational gary oldman quotes on success

  • What’s fascinating is that when you write a script, it’s almost a stream of consciousness. You have an idea that it means something, but you’re not always sure what. Then when you get on the set, the actors teach you.
  • We lived in a flat that you could pretty much fit in my current kitchen. No wonder people drink! I can’t understand why they don’t throw themselves off the balconies.
  • I’m still a member of the Empire! Although I sometimes feel like an American with a British accent – you get contaminated after so long.
  • I’m not the best audience for that because I’m not a great science-fiction fan. I just never got off on space ships and space costumes, things like that.
  • There will always be spies. We have to have them. Without them we wouldn’t have got Osama bin Laden – it took us years, but it happened.
  • I applaud anything that can take a kid away from a PlayStation or a Gameboy – that is a miracle in itself.
  • Speaking very generally, I find that women are spiritually, emotionally, and often physically stronger than men.
  • The film follows very much in the tradition of social realism, because I wanted to see a subject like this tackled with honesty.
  • I had a guitar when I was 6 or 7, a plastic guitar with the Beatles’ faces on it. It would be a collector’s item now. It would fetch a hefty sum, I imagine.
  • Rather like Batman, I embody the themes of the movie which are the values of family, courage and compassion and a sense of right and wrong, good and bad and justice.
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