10 inspirational mae jemison quotes on success

  • Never limit yourself because of others’ limited imagination; never limit others because of your own limited imagination.
  • What we find is that if you have a goal that is very, very far out, and you approach it in little steps, you start to get there faster. Your mind opens up to the possibilities.
  • I like to think of ideas as potential energy. They’re really wonderful, but nothing will happen until we risk putting them into action.
  • Science provides an understanding of a universal experience. Arts provide a universal understanding of a personal experience.
  • Some people say they feel very small when they think about space. I felt more expansive, very connected to the universe.
  • You have the right to be involved. You have something important to contribute, and you have to take the risk to contribute it.
  • There is a fascination with the idea that one has seen someone else do something before one can achieve it. I knew what I wanted to do.
  • Greatness can be captured in one word: lifestyle. Life is God’s gift to you, style is what you make of it.
  • There have been lots of other women who had the talent and ability before me. And I hope it means that I’m just the first in a long line.
  • More women should demand to be involved. It’s our right. This is one area where women can get in on the ground floor and possibly help to direct where space exploration will go in the future.
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