10 inspirational mortimer adler quotes on success

  • All genuine learning is active, not passive. It involves the use of the mind, not just the memory. It is a process of discovery, in which the student is the main agent, not the teacher.
  • To agree without understanding is inane. To disagree without understanding is impudent.
  • In the case of good books, the point is not to see how many of them you can get through, but how many can get through to you.
  • I suspect that most of the individuals who have religious faith are content with blind faith. They feel no obligation to understand what they believe. They may even wish not to have their beliefs disturbed by thought.
  • Sometimes it feels like I’m thinking against the wind.
  • Philosophy is everybody’s business.
  • True freedom is impossible without a mind made free by discipline.
  • The person who says he knows what he thinks but cannot express it usually does not know what he thinks.
  • A good book can teach you about the world and about yourself. You learn more than how to read better; you also learn more about life. You become wiser.
  • Not to engage in this pursuit of ideas is to live like ants instead of like men.
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