10 inspirational paulo freire quotes on success

  • Washing one’s hands of the conflict between the powerful and the powerless means to side with the powerful, not to be neutral.
  • Leaders who do not act dialogically, but insist on imposing their decisions, do not organize the people–they manipulate them. They do not liberate, nor are they liberated: they oppress.
  • If the structure does not permit dialogue the structure must be changed.
  • Looking at the past must only be a means of understanding more clearly what and who they are so that they can more wisely build the future.
  • No one is born fully-formed: it is through self-experience in the world that we become what we are.
  • The oppressors do not favor promoting the community as a whole, but rather selected leaders.
  • Any situation in which some men prevent others from engaging in the process of inquiry is one of violence;… to alienate humans from their own decision making is to change them into objects.
  • The greatest humanistic and historical task of the oppressed: to liberate themselves.
  • Reading is not walking on the words; it’s grasping the soul of them.
  • The oppressed, having internalized the image of the oppressor and adopted his guidelines, are fearful of freedom.
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