10 Joko Widodo quotes

  • In my opinion, the most important thing in governance is management control.
  • The problem is not in the office: the problem is out there. Every day I go to the people, go to the street. I can ask the people what they want, what they need.
  • We need peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region. It is important to have political and security stability to build up our economic growth.
  • For me, democracy must deliver a better life for the people.
  • When we have a corporation, we must know what the customer wants, what the customers needs. Also, the politician must know what the people want, what the people need.
  • To deal with radicalism and extremism, we need to deal with economic inequality. This is what I learned from my experience in Solo and then in Jakarta.
  • I don’t mind being called a puppet. But I’m the puppet of the people.
  • It’s now our responsibility to prove to ourselves, to other nations, and especially to our children and our grandchildren, that politics is full of fun; politics has some wisdom. Politics is freedom.
  • Indonesia is the world’s third-largest democracy. And we also have the world’s largest Muslim population. This demonstrates that democracy and Islam are not incompatible. Terrorism is not associated with any religion.
  • I’m willing to work with all parties to reform Indonesia.
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