Charles III: Birthday

King of the United Kingdom
Born: November 14, 1948

Charles III, born Charles Philip Arthur George on November 14, 1948, ascended to the throne as the King of the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth realms. The eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Charles III’s life has been deeply intertwined with the duties and responsibilities of the British royal family.

Educated at Gordonstoun School and later at the University of Cambridge, Charles III pursued various philanthropic and environmental initiatives throughout his life. He has been an advocate for environmental sustainability, founding the Prince’s Trust in 1976 to support young people in areas of education, employment, and entrepreneurship.

Known for his passion for organic farming and architecture, Charles III has often been a vocal proponent of traditional and sustainable practices. His interests extend to the promotion of interfaith dialogue and the preservation of cultural heritage.

Throughout his long wait for the throne, Charles III has played a role in various constitutional and ceremonial duties, representing the monarchy both domestically and internationally. His reign, marked by a commitment to service and advocacy, continues to shape the modern role of the British monarchy in the 21st century.

Charles III’s 5 most popular quotes

  • Only the other day I was inquiring of an entire bed of old-fashioned roses, forced to listen to my ramblings on the meaning of the universe as I sat cross-legged in the lotus position in front of them.
  • It seems to me self-evident that we cannot have capitalism without capital and, very importantly, that the ultimate source of all economic capital is Nature’s capital.
  • Painting transports me into another dimension which, quite literally, refreshes parts of the soul which other activities can’t reach.
  • The demand for organic food is growing at a remarkable rate. Consumers have made it clear that they want organic produce and every sector of the food chain is responding, with the kind of results we have just seen.
  • As human beings we suffer from an innate tendency to jump to conclusions; to judge people too quickly and to pronounce them failures or heroes without due consideration of the actual facts and ideals of the period.
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