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Top 10 most inspiring quotes by Beverly Sills

  • I never breathe through the nose, not when I’m singing. In the opera, you don’t have so much time. That’s fine at the beginning of an opera or after somebody else has been doing an aria, and you want to get a good fresh start.
  • Opera became popular in Texas the same way it did in a lot of previously isolated regions of the nation. It started with money. In the case of Texas, it was oil money, and it made a lot of people very rich, very fast.
  • My voice had a long, nonstop career. It deserves to be put to bed with quiet and dignity, not yanked out every once in a while to see if it can still do what it used to do. It can’t.
  • In a sense, I revolutionized the operatic scene because I proved you can make a great international career without the Metropolitan. I’m the only singer who’s done that, and I’m proud of that, so it’s all worked out for the best.
  • You can’t imitate; all our faces are constructed differently… and the vocal cords; otherwise, we’d all sound alike. I don’t think anybody should ever teach by imitating.
  • You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don’t try.
  • This joyfulness that I felt when I sang, and this need to communicate with people, these are my two strongest points. I’ve always been a people person. I love people; I like to be with people, and when I got on stage, I was home free.
  • I began by listening to my mother’s collection of Amelita Galli-Curci and Lily Pons records, and then was taken (at age eight) to hear Pons at a Met performance of Lakme. It was at that moment that I decided to become an opera star. Not just an opera singer, but an opera star!
  • When I was general director of City Opera, we were pioneers in the practice of projecting supertitles so that American audiences finally could know what all the singing was about.
  • I love Massenet – ‘Manon’ had been a wonderful role for me – and the music he wrote for ‘Thais’ is quite enjoyable and not terribly demanding in a vocal sense.

Beverly Sills (1929-2007) was an iconic American operatic soprano born Belle Miriam Silverman in Brooklyn, New York. Renowned for her dazzling coloratura voice and compelling stage presence, Sills became one of the most celebrated opera singers of her time. Her musical talents were evident from an early age, and she began performing professionally at age three in a touring variety show.

Sills made her operatic debut in 1945 and gained recognition for her remarkable vocal range and emotive performances. She conquered the opera world, performing at prestigious venues like the New York City Opera and the Metropolitan Opera, mastering both classical and contemporary roles.

Beyond her vocal prowess, Sills also made significant contributions as an arts administrator. She served as the chairwoman of the Lincoln Center and later became the general manager of the New York City Opera.

Her vibrant personality, combined with her vocal virtuosity, made her a beloved figure and a household name, popularizing opera in the United States. Even after her retirement from performing, she remained an influential figure in the opera world until her passing in 2007, leaving behind a legacy of unparalleled artistry and dedication to the musical craft.

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