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Top 10 most inspiring quotes by Jamie Lee Curtis

  • I believe that life is hard. That we all are going to walk through things that are hard and challenging, and yet advertising wants us to believe that it’s all easy.
  • I have very short hair. It’s the only cute haircut I think I’ve ever had.
  • If I can challenge old ideas about aging, I will feel more and more invigorated. I want to represent this new way. I want to be a new version of the 70-year-old woman. Vital, strong, very physical, very agile. I think that the older I get, the more yoga I’m going to do.
  • I don’t think any woman wants to be known for being beautiful or busty. I think you want to be known for who you are.
  • The most rewarding aspect of parenting is seeing my children be authentic. The most rewarding thing for me is to see them do anything that they’re proud of.
  • I’ve etched out who I am through myriad haircut attempts, outfit attempts, beauty attempts, diet attempts. It’s been an evolution.
  • I barely got out of high school, and I look back at my life often and go, ‘Wow, this was awesome!’
  • I’m a performer. I’ve just been one since I was a little girl. I used to pretend all the time.
  • I attempted various types of plastic surgery, minutely but enough to stave off this encroaching middle-aged body. And every time I did, something went wrong. I felt misshapen, just not natural any more.
  • With short hair you have to get a haircut every two or three weeks. And if you’re coloring your hair, you have to color it that often. Every time I did it, I felt fraudulent.
Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis is an American actress and author, born on November 22, 1958, in Los Angeles, California. She is the daughter of actors Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh. Curtis began her acting career in the late 1970s and quickly gained recognition as a “scream queen” for her roles in horror films.

One of Curtis’s most notable early roles came in the 1978 film “Halloween,” where she portrayed the iconic character Laurie Strode. This role helped establish her as a prominent figure in the horror genre. She reprised the character in several sequels and also appeared in other popular horror films such as “The Fog” (1980) and “Prom Night” (1980).

Curtis’s talent extended beyond horror, and she successfully transitioned to other genres. She showcased her versatility in films like “Trading Places” (1983) and “A Fish Called Wanda” (1988), for which she received a BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role. Curtis continued to act in a variety of films throughout the years, including “True Lies” (1994), “Freaky Friday” (2003), and “Knives Out” (2019).

Aside from her acting career, Curtis has also made significant contributions as an author. She has written several children’s books, including “When I Was Little: A Four-Year-Old’s Memoir of Her Youth” and “Today I Feel Silly, and Other Moods That Make My Day.” These books aim to help children understand and express their emotions.

Jamie Lee Curtis has been recognized for her work with various accolades, including a Golden Globe Award for her performance in the television film “Nicholas’ Gift” (1998) and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She is known for her activism and advocacy work, particularly in the areas of children’s hospitals and organ donation.

Throughout her career, Jamie Lee Curtis has proven herself as a versatile actress, author, and philanthropist, leaving a lasting impact on the entertainment industry.

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