Stuart Townsend: Birthday

Irish actor
Born: December 15, 1972

Stuart Townsend was born in Howth, County Dublin, in 1972. Although his father, Peter Townsend, was a professional golfer, Stuart was determined to be an actor and began his career by appearing in a number of student films while attending the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin. He supported himself by boxing until his 1996 feature film debut, Trojan Eddie. Although his part was small, Townsend attracted a London agent and began appearing in numerous stage and film productions in England and Ireland. America began to take notice of Stuart’s talents when he appeared in two films featured in the 2000 Sundance Film Festival, in one of which, About Adam (2000), he took the title role. He also played Lestat de Lioncourt in Queen of the Damned (2002). Townsend was in a romantic relationship with actress Charlize Theron from 2001 to 2009.

Stuart Townsend

Stuart Townsend’s 5 most popular quotes

  • Many times I’ve called for Marius, but there was no answer. Just the endless procession of days, months, years… My teacher left me to my darkest lesson, that in the end, we are alone, and there is nothing but the cold, dark wasteland of eternity.
  • I was really educating myself on the environment, but I didnt realize it was so connected to politics, connected to globalization.
  • Actors want to be told what to do – they really do. But they also want to have an input and be recognized for that.
  • In real life I can play guitar, sure, but badly.
  • How deep the father’s love for us,
    How vast beyond all measure
    That he should give his only Son
    To make a wretch his treasure.
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