Summer Phoenix: Birthday

American actress
Born: December 10, 1978

Summer Joy Phoenix is the fifth and youngest child of Arlyn Phoenix and John Bottom, a carpenter. Summer was raised in Southern California but spent her teen years in Central Florida, where she was born. She is an active supporter of numerous charities and activist groups, mainly concerning the environment, animal rights, and vegetarianism. Summer has also appeared in many print ads in Europe. Summer was married to actor Casey Affleck. She filed for divorce in July 2017.

Summer Phoenix

Summer Phoenix’s 5 most popular quotes

  • I’ve never had a diamond before, and now I’ve got a diamond surrounded by other diamonds and diamonds in places where, frankly, you don’t need diamonds at all, and I would have been happy with a piece of twine.
  • I didn’t grow up watching TV or going to McDonald’s or listening to mainstream music. Like, the casting agents are looking elsewhere for the cheerleader role.
  • I sort of look at acting like that: if you have no confines, you have everywhere to go.
  • Movies and I just equally avoided each other at certain times in my life, you know?
  • We went to L.A. as a family, with a sort of vision that we were going to ‘make it,’ whatever that meant.
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