Vikram’s Top 10 Quotes

  • The trouble is that in south cinema, after you become successful at the box office, market realities dictate your choice of films, and it becomes difficult to experiment.
  • Some of the actors who came to cinema much later than me have tried their hand at direction. But, I don’t intend to wield megaphone anytime soon, since it is tough and requires a lot of your time.
  • Catching a culprit becomes really easy when there are video footages from the crime scene.
  • With each of my films, I want to look/be different from the real me and want my performance to be different from the last one.
  • I enjoy fame, but I like normal, too. Going out is difficult; you are recognised, and you cannot be normal anymore… you start living in a bubble, and I am a normal guy.
  • I don’t see coming to Kerala as a commercial exercise; it’s a human venture. Every film I make, I come here. I am the prodigal son.
  • I’m an actor who believes in looking different in every film of mine.
  • I am interested in biographical stories. Seldom are good biopics like ‘Maha Nati’ being made.
  • Money is important, but it’s not the only driving factor for me.
  • I started the trend of doing only one film at a time.
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