1 WAY FM – Tune in to Life

1 WAY FM is a broadcast radio station from Australia Canberra providing Christian music. This station presents a Christian message of hope and encouragement to our listeners. This is a Canberra’s Christian community radio station. It aims to serve the community in Canberra (Australian Capital Territory) area.

1 Way FM broadcasts radio waves you hear so-called “modern music for adults” (adult contemporary music). This expression is used to describe a certain type of program on the radio.

Slogan: “tune in to life”

General info:

  • Location: Canberra, Australia
  • Genres: Christian Contemporary, Christian Talk
  • Description: Canberra’s own Christian Community Radio station
  • Language: English
  • Contact: PO Box 927 Fyshwick ACT 2609 Australia (02) 6239 3711
  • Email:

To get more information just visit; 1WAY FM official website:

Canberra Christian Radio Ltd, the parent body of 1WAY FM, has been established with a vision of: Promoting a Christian perspective across the community.

Frequency: 1WAY FM broadcasts to Canberra, ACT (Australian Capital Territory), Australia and the surrounding regions of NSW (New South Wales) from transmitters at Poppet Hill on 91.9 FM and Isaacs Ridge 94.3 FM.

Main Programs

  • Focus On The Family
  • Insight for Living
  • In Touch
  • Adventures in Odyssey
  • A New Beginning
  • Leading the Way
  • Focus on the Family Weekend
  • Focus On The Family International


Regular Presenters

  • The Breakfast Show (Tues – Thurs – Fri 7-9am) by Jordo, Priscilla & Amy
  • 1WAY FM Afternoons (1-3pm) by, Howie (Mon), David (Tues & Thurs), Cay (Wed)
  • 1WAY Home (Mon-Fri 4-6pm) by, Mark, Alyssa & Caleb
  • 1WAY@Dusk (Mon-Fri 6-8pm) by, Holbo & Alyssa
  • Definition (Thursday & Friday 8-9pm)
  • All That Jazz & Blues (Saturday 9pm-midnight) by, Nev & Kingsley
  • Inspirational Time (Sunday 2-3.30pm) by K.O.B.
  • Definition (nationally syndicated show) – K-man
  • Voice for Values (nationally syndicated show in partnership with ACL) – Martin Iles
  • Primary Purpose – Brian Medway
  • Healing and Wholeness, Victorious Ministries Through Christ – Peter and Jane
  • Prayer Worx – Dr. Hilary Moroney




  • News, sport, and weather update weekdays every hour from 6am to 7pm.

Overnight (Midnight to 7:00am)

  • 4:00am Word for Today (Bob & Debbie Gass)
  • 4:30am Insight for Living (Chuck Swindoll)
  • 5:00am A New Beginning (Greg Laurie)
  • 5:30am In Touch (Dr. Charles Stanley)
  • 6:00am Focus on the Family (Dr. Juli Slattery)
  • 6:40am Enjoying Everyday Life (Joyce Meyer)
  • Including Good News Unlimited.

Breakfast (7 to 9am)

  • 7:00am The Breakfast Show (Priscilla & Amy – Thurs)
  • Laughs, fun and “not-so-hard-hitting” news waking you up with the best possible outlook for your day with Jesus.


  • 9am to Midday 9:00am Luke & Susie
  • Afternoons 12 to 3:45pm
  • 12:40pm Primary Purpose (Brian Medway)
  • 1:00pm Afternoons (David, Cay, Flora & Angie)
  • 3:25pm KidzOwn

1WAY Home (4 to 6pm)

  • 4:00pm 1WAY Home (Mark, Alyssa & Caleb)
  • Including interviews, local news, traffic updates, laughs and more.
  • Also including the Family Minute and Dads for Kids.

Dusk (6 to 8pm)

  • 6:00pm 1WAY FM at Dusk (Holbo & Alyssa)
  • All your new music and news, fun banter and more.

After Dusk (8 to 9pm)

  • Tuesdays – Alternative (K-man)
  • Wednesdays – Aussie Grown Across The Nation (Hank)
  • Thursdays – Definition – Local (K-man)
  • Fridays – Definition – National (K-man)

Nights (9pm to Midnight)

  • 9:00pm A New Beginning (Greg Laurie)
  • 9:30pm Focus on the Family (Dr. Juli Slattery)
  • 10:00pm In Touch (Dr. Charles Stanley)
  • 10:30pm Leading the Way (Dr. Michael Youssef)
  • 11:00pm Insight for Living (Chuck Swindoll)
  • Including the Daily Nudge.


 Overnight (Midnight to 7:00am)

  • 12:00 Overnight (Including music, Barry Grosser, Just a Minute and more.)
  • 6:00am Focus on the Family (Weekend edition)

Mornings (7am to Midday)

  • 7:00am Kids Music
  • 7:30am Adventures in Odyssey (Kids)
  • 8:00am Paws and Tales (Kids)
  • 11:00am History Makers (Matt Prater)
  • Including Word for Today (written by Bob & Debbie Gass),

Afternoon (Midday to 6pm)

  • 12:00pm Afternoon (Including music, Healing & Wholeness Snapshots, Good News Unlimited, Word for Today (written by Bob & Debbie Gass), and more.)

Evenings to Late Night (6pm to Midnight)

  • 6:00pm Fresh Across Australia
  • 9:00pm All That Jazz and Blues (Nev & Kingsley)


 Overnight (Midnight to 7am)

  • 12:00am Definition – National (repeat)
  • 4:30am Hymns
  • 6:30am Prayer Worx (Dr. Hilary Moroney)

Mornings (7am to Midday)

  • 7:00am Healing & Wholeness
  • 7:30am Music Retrospective (David Webb)
  • 8:00am Message from a Pastor (from our local churches)
  • 9:00am Wesley Impact Radio
  • 9:30am Heroes of the Faith
  • 10:00am Get Connected (Pastor Ken Graham)
  • 11:00am Light and Life (the Salvos)
  • 11:30am Christianity Works (Bernie Dymet)

Afternoon (Midday to 6pm)

  • 1:00pm The Journey (Jude Hennessy)
  • 2:00pm Inspirational Time (K.O.B)
  • 3:30pm Word for Today (written by Bob & Debbie Gass), Dads for Kids
  • 4:00pm Faith and Culture
  • 5:10pm Voice of Truth (Ps John Fancine)
  • 5:30pm Prayer Worx (repeat)

Evenings to Late Night (6pm to Midnight)

  • 6:00pm In Conversation (Alex)
  • 7:00 Open House (Stephen O’Doherty)
  • 10:00pm Life and Faith (Centre for Public Christianity)
  • 10:30pm Let My People Think (Ravi Zacharias)
  • 11:00 Bigger Questions.


Contact Info:

Social contact: Facebook, Twitter, InstagramWebsite.

Address: PO Box 927, Fyshwick ACT 2609, Australia.

  • Contact No.: (02) 6239 3711
  • Email: has 1 WAY FM in its listings. Just click and enjoy.