Top 10 Online Radio Directories
Top 10 Online Radio Directories

Listening to online radio is a global trend nowadays. It’s one of the easiest and convenient way to engage with quality music, news, discussion, sporting events and more. Internet radio has been the go-to choice for more and more radio fans in recent years. Nowadays, almost everyone has a mobile, pc or device with internet, which makes access to online radio stations easier than ever for radio listeners across the globe.

First Thing First, What Is An Online Radio Directory?

An online radio directory is a website that enlists radio stations from across the globe. It’s a library for all sorts of radio stations from almost all the countries in the world. Anyone with internet access and proper device can easily visit these sites and tune in to their favorite radio station on music, news, sports, community service etc. from across the globe.

A radio directory lists thousands of online radio stations from various countries, cities and places. To make choosing the right radio for you easier, it also lists them based on musical genres, topics, news, community, sports and other themes.

The best thing about online radio directories is that, it’s a great radio library for listeners and radio creators as well. Listener’s can enjoy their favorite radio stations at a single radio directory. Radio owners can also enlist their radio in popular radio directories for better listenership and promotion.

Best Radio Directories

Like there are thousands of online radio stations in the world, there’s also hundreds of radio directories out there too. If you own a radio station, you might get confused in choosing the best directory to add your radio. As for the listeners, they might get confuse too in choosing the right directory for radio listening. To make the choice easier to both the radio creators and listeners, we have listed top ten radio directories below to help you enlist, and promote your radio to worldwide radio listeners. As a listener, you can pick the best radio directory for you to enjoy your favorite radio stations.


TuneIn is among the very first and still the best online radio directory out there. It has a staggering 75 million monthly active users. Its domain was registered in 1996. They are in service since 2002. It has listed over 1,00,000 AM, FM, HD, LP, digital and online stations from various countries. Providing radio and audio streaming service on news, radio, sports, music, and podcasts to global radio and podcast listeners, It’s still the best in class radio directory. As a listener, you can listen to your favorite radio stations anytime you prefer at TuneIn. You can definitely choose tune in to submit your radio and attract radio listeners from all over the globe. But, From 2018, TuneIn has stopped accepting new radio stations. But, you can submit a form with your radio’s details at TuneIn and their team will let you know whether you can add your radio or not.


With more than 10 million users visiting the platform every month, Streema is without any doubt a mainstream radio directory for radio listeners and creators as well. The site was first registered in 2007 and still today it’s one of the easiest and comprehensive online radio directory out there. The cool thing about Streema is that, you can not only submit or tune to your favorite radio, but it supports TV channels as well. For radio, They’ve made it unbelievably easy to find your favorite stations, listen to the music of your choice, find the top new songs and playlists, all in an easy-to-use web interface. Streema is available on desktop, mobile, and on various smart devices. Submit your radio station at Streema by clicking Here.

Live Online Radio

Live Online Radio is also a top contender for the best online radio directories in the world. It’s among the top choice to radio listeners across the globe. It started its journey in Dec 5th, 2010 and gradually, but steadily, it’s now one of the best radio directory in the world. The site is easy to navigate, simple, intuitive and fast. More than 81000+ Radio Stations from 187 countries are already listed in the directory and the best thing is that it’s adding more radio stations every day. The site is very easy to navigate and radio loading time is almost instantaneous. It can sort radio stations based on your local area, country listing, recently browsed radios, and you can mark your favorite radios. It also has an app in the Play Store. Both through app and website, Live Online Radio provides a seamless and distortion-free radio listening experience. As radio listeners from around the world love the directory a lot, you as a radio owner or radio creator can also consider LiveOnlineRadio to enlist your radio. Submit your radio station’s information at – Live Online Radio.

Online Radio Box

Among the big names, Online Radio Box started its journey a bit late. But, within a few years, it has become one of the most popular radio directory among listeners and radio creators. It offers listeners tons of features and options to navigate through the site and its listed radio stations. Listeners can enjoy radio on music, news, talk shows, community, entertainment and much more. Users can search radio by genre or country. Like other radio directories, it also has mobile app for both android and apple platform. To add your radio in this directory, you will need to sign up first. To signup and submit your radio at the directory, Follow this link.

MyTuner Radio

MyTuner Radio or simply known as MyTuner has also emerged as one of the most complete and intuitive radio directory in recent times. It was launched on April 28th, 2012. The directory is based in Porto, Portugal, and it’s owned by “AppGeneration – Software Technologies”. MyTuner supports both radio streaming and podcasts, and it has over 50,000 radio stations listed in its directory. Beside being easily accessible through is website, this directory is also available in Play store, App store, Microsoft Store, Galaxy Store and even at Amazon AppStore. Making it a very compelling choice not only for radio listeners, but also for radio creators as well. To Email myTuner for submitting your radio, Click Here.


Streamitter started its journey in 2004 as a part of the ‘’ web directory, making it one of the oldest online radio directory available. Still today, the directory is still going strong with support from their listeners every day. As a listener, you will be enjoying every minute you spend with the radio as it lists thousands of online radio web streams. Listener can browse radio stations by new radios, genres, most liked radios, top favorites radios, countries, updated radios. To list your radio station at the directory, visit this page.


RadioLine is another radio directory that comes with thousands of quality full radio stations to listen for free. The directory lists all kinds of radio stations on music, news, entertainment, community and more. Like many other web radio directories, it also gives its listeners the choice to tune to a radio station or to a podcast. Listeners can also mark their most listened or loved radio stations as favorites. If a listener can’t stand ads, then he or she can opt in for their add free premium service too. It offers a free mobile app for Android and iPhone users.  Register your radio at the directory by following this Link. or STN is an independent online directory for streaming popular online radio and TV service to worldwide audience. Starting its journey in 2009, STN enables users to easily find and access radio and TV content over the Internet. Listeners can browse a radio by location, and it also sorts radio stations by Playing Now, Popular and Newest Stations section. You can also search your desired radio station by using its robust search feature at its homepage. Streaming The Net has over a decade in online media aggregation experience.  You can definitely choose this directory to enlist your radio. Follow this Link here.


Listing more than 50,000 online radio stations from across the globe, TuneYou is a very compelling online radio directory for listeners and radio creators searching for a robust radio directory. It sorts radio stations by Local, Music, News, Sports, Talk and Location. You can also listen and save your favorite radio stations at this directory. As a modern online radio directory, Tune You also offer free android and Apple app store apps for their listeners. Resister your radio at the directory Here.


RadioGarden is probably the most unique radio directory in the world. This is a super fun and cool website. Listeners will love every second they spent in the directory. Not only listening to radio is fun, but browsing the site is also very fun, innovative and intuitive. It’s a non-profit Dutch radio and digital research project developed from 2013 to 2016. You can browse your favorite online radio through an interactive world map. To list your radio at this directory, click here.

As there are so many online radio directories in the world, it’s really a tough job to prioritize top ten radio only. There are tons more radio directories you can choose to listen and submit your radio like –

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