Top 10 Albanian Online Radio Stations on Live Online Radio

Top 10 Albanian Online Radio Station
Top 10 Albanian Online Radio Station

In today’s age of internet and connectivity, online radio has an immense reach and popularity among millions of people across the globe. This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to access radio stations from anywhere in the world. Web Radio, Streaming Radio, Net Radio, E-Radio however you call or write it, online radio is one of the best and easiest medium for connectivity, news update, entertainment and things related to our day-to-day life.

Albania is home to some of the most modern, intuitive and entertaining radio stations. Every day, thousands of listeners tunes in to radio stations of their liking. Most of the contents of these radio stations are based on the preference and choice of Albanian people. Here we are going to list top ten Albanian radio stations based on the listener ship number from Live Online Radio.

Radio Mergimi

Radio Mergimi –

“We’re always where you are, who else, even Radio Mergimi”

Radio Mergimi is a private and completely independent online radio. It serves its listeners 24h. Initially, the radio started its journey with a program on October 19, 2008. Since then, it aims to affirm Albanian music, as well as to promote young artists who have not had the opportunity to be promoted. Programs of Mergimi are entertaining to the young music lovers as well as to the elders too. It is a great platform for the independent artists to promote their work and get recognition. 24/7 Source of Values of Albanian Music.

Official Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Listen now at Live Online Radio – Radio Mergimi

Radio Marimanga

Radio Marimanga –

Tune in and enjoy the cohesive musical presentation

Radio Marimanga offers a greater choice of music for its listeners around the clock. It the absolute Albanian radio for pure entertainment and more. For all the Albanians over the world this is the best radio to pass some quality time. The radio was founded on May 23, 2005. 24 hours best Albanian music is the key to the popularity of Marimanga. This is the home to hottest music various genres.

Official Website, Facebook.

Listen now at Live Online Radio – Radio Marimanga

Radio Kanali Shqip

Radio Kanali Shqip –

“Make your day memorable with us”

Considered as the new sensation and the heart of Albanian online radio community Radio Kanali Shqip is a very popular radio. Listeners of all age group can easily tune in to the radio and enjoy their programs vast variety of songs. It plays songs from all the great musicians of Albania. From younger to the older genration of radio listeners, eveyone loves its programs. Infuses energy for your workday and relax your mind and soul with Kanali Shqip.

Listen now at Live Online Radio – Radio Kanali Shqip

Radio Viciana

Radio Viciana –

“Music and Entertainment meets together”

Radio Viciana is live broadasting from Albania. This is a musical online radio. Broadcasting best pop, hip hop, classical and many variation of music. Listeners of all age loves the variation of music it provides. Albanian music is at core of its playlists and listeners from across the country tunes in to Viciana. In addition to its live stream, the broadcaster also offers Albanian online television and various music and comedy video clips on its homepage. As a further offer, a selection of Albanian films is available as a streaming offer.

Listen now at Live Online Radio – Radio Viciana

Radio Shqip

Radio Shqip –

“Selected Albanian Music”

Radio Shqip plays music with good vibes and beautiful tunes. All the great Albanian music are selected carefully for its programs. Listeners can tune in to the radio without any hesitation about the quality of programs, broadcasting and music choice. Its one of the most popular and mainstream online radio of Albania. Just tune in and enjoy, all the great msuicians and titles are covered.

Listen now at Live Online Radio – Radio Shqip

Radio Pendimi

Radio Pendimi –

“Best Albanian radio for the Muslims”

Rtv Pendimi, One of the first Islamic media in the Albanian language. Here at Radio Pendimi, you can listen to various educational and religious programs. This is the best online radio for Musilims in Albania with various religious, educational programs and live shows. As a beliving Muslim this is the radio you must tune. Its live 24/7.

Listen now at Live Online Radio – Radio Pendimi

Radio Gjakova

Radio Gjakova –

“Gjakova’s best online Radio”

Gjakova is one of the finest city of Albania. The city is known for its tradition in the field of education and culture over the centuries. At the end of the seventies it was enriched with the first radio medium, Radio Gjakova. From that period until today, Radio Gjakova is closely connected, being part of the daily life of Gjakova. It’s very popular among the radio listeners for its informative and entertaining programs.

Listen now at Live Online Radio – Radio Gjakova

Radio Dukagjini

Radio Dukagjini –

“One of the best radio from Albania”

Radio Dukagjini is an onine radio from Gjirokaster. It has a very enthusistic broadcasting team who cares and understatnds the preference of listeners. This is a popular radio, qualified by all polls in the country and the region, as the most popular radio in the last 10 years. Everyday thousands of listeners tunes to the radio.

Listen now at Live Online Radio – Radio Dukagjini

Top Albania Radio

Top Albania Radio –

“Albania’s Largest Radio”

This is not only one of the largest name in Albanian radio community but also one of the most listened online radio in Live Online Radio too. The radio was born on February 14, 1998, Valentine’s Day and still today it is loved by thousands of listeners daily. This is the most successfull online radio of Albania. Albania’s best songs, as well as the best foreign hits, makes it the household name among the radio listeners of albania. It’s informative programs which are broadcast every 60 minutes with the latest news from the country and the world, also comes with a variety of cultural and sports programs. Top Albania Radio counts a large audience inside and outside Albania

Listen now at Live Online Radio –Top Albania Radio

Radio Gurbeti

Radio Gurbeti –

“Your Friendly Radio”

Radio Gurbeti is among the most popular Albanian radio. It is liked for its dedication in pusihing entertainment rich programs around the clock. Lots of nice music, especially for travel, one the go or at home. Beautiful music, music thatn pleases us makes it a great online radio.

Listen now at Live Online Radio –Radio Gurbeti

On top of these top ten popular radio stations live online radio has hundreds of great radio stations listed for Albanian Listeners.

You can enjoy your favorite radio from albania by clicking here – Albanian Radio Stations.

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