Arakozia FM

Arakozia FM is an online based radio station broadcasts news, shows, poems, sports, music, drama, agriculture and health programmes to provide Pashtun communities with up-to-date information. Arakozia, the old name of the locale which now structures Southern and Eastern Afghanistan, is accessible on 90.3 FM.

General information:

  • Location: Afghanistan
  • Language: Pashto, Dari
  • Genres: sonnets, sports, music, and commentary.
  • Frequency: 90.3
  • Parent company: MOBY Media Group

Arakozia FM offers a diversity of local and global news, political and religious commentary programs including daily programming that focuses on subnational governance, farming, security, small business, community health, and wellbeing as well as the celebration of local cultures and traditions.

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At present

This radio is at present accessible in major Pashto-speaking communities. From that point forward, they have gone in front to joy and initiate audience members with the best in news, and shows investigating daily premiums like cooking, stimulation, sonnets, sports, music, neighborhood government, races, farming, little organizations and wellbeing and so forth. As the foremost radio station in Afghanistan, Arakozia FM has played an important role in bringing Pashto-language music, entertainment and cultural programming to audiences around the country.

Popular Programs

  • 100 Successful Women: 100 successful women is a 100 part radio series, designed to promote the values of women’s involvement in Afghan society across the country.

Time: Sunday to Thursday 10 AM – 11 AM.

  • People’s Voice: People’s Voice is a 19 – part elections related town hall debate series, which takes place in provinces across the country.

Time: Every Monday at 08:00 PM.

  • Da Zhowand Iara: Special Islamic Program of Arakozia

Time: Daily  6:30 Am; Producer: Molawe Mohammad yaseen.

  • Pa Sapo ke Marghalare: The literary live program of Arakozia

Time: from Sanday to Thursday at 7 Am; Presenter: Mohammad Wasel.

  • Rekhtinay Momin: Islamic Program of Arakozia Radio

Time: from Saturday to Thursday; Presenter: Yasin Fahim.

  • Andona: Live Socail Program.

Time: From Saturday to Wednesday At 3:00 pm; Presenter: Rezwan and Sadaf

  • Godar: Special Program for women

Time: every Thursday at 3:00 Pm; Producer: Tamana Wahidi.

  • Quran Sa Wae: Interpretation Explanation and Translation of Holy Quran

Time: every Friday at 2:00 Pm; Producer: Molawe Mohamad Yasin Fahim.

Main Hosts

  • Rezwan
  • Sadaf
  • Tamana Wahidi
  • Moh Asif Yoosfi
  • Sifat Samon
  • Alam gui Sahar

Contact Info:




Address: House 3, Street 12, Wazir Akbar Khan; Kabul; Afghanistan

Phone: +93 (0)798 903 903.